As I mentioned here before, we’ve decided to expand GAL Fashion and grow our square footage to create a new department of evening gowns. I signed the lease a couple of days before my trip to Market in NYC, so much of my time there was spent hunting for the best evening lines not currently available in El Paso. Why evening gowns? As my friend Mickey Rosemarin, owner of the successful Tootsies chain, advised me, everyone has a special occasion to attend!

I scoured the City and am very excited to bring to you the most exclusive evening and cocktail gowns that will not be able to be found anywhere else in town. After all, it’s my goal to make my customers feel confident, special and beautiful on the outside.

Aside from evening gowns, I discovered so many great lines and pieces in NYC this trip. I invite you to stop by GAL to see and hear about the latest, but for now, check out the top 5 lines that are coming to our store:

  1. Olvi’s- French lace gowns made in Amsterdam. These elegant luxury dresses will now be exclusively available in our store and are made of stretch lace that is all hand-sewn and one-of-a-kind perfect for all of your special occasion needs.

  2. Phone chains- I have broken so many phones accidentally dropping them because they are always in my hands. Digging around the bottom of your purse for your cell phone is just a waste of time. I found the cutest accessory that solves this problem, it’s your wallet and phone on a chain in a chic little crossbody style to protect your phone and wallet in a fashionable and functional way. They had the Valentino and Chanel inspired looks, so I couldn’t help but to buy them all. Under $125 retail and they make the greatest must have accessory!

  3. Candles from PARIS- David Mallet is considered the best hairdresser in Paris, and while originally from Australia, he has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the world. He recently launched his Le Salon candle line that he always has burning in his luxury salons in Paris. Salon en Hiver, the winter scent, and the Salon en tee, the summer candle, will both be available at GAL. I am very excited about having his prestigious line in my store for Pre-Fall!

  4. Inspired by Mr. and Mrs: The Italian brand introduced the perfect winter coat in 2009. It was a parka with a fur vest on the inside from different furs to choose from. The line was unisex and the concept was brilliant, years later all the other companies took a take on this style and we have it on order for fall, whether it’s faux or real mink, we ordered all of it so you can also get this amazing style for yourself.

  5. Plus size- Special sizes have arrived at GAL, since we believe not everyone needs to be a small size to be fashionable. Beauty and style comes in all shapes and sizes and we have a plus size selection available in store from XL-4X.