There are a few things more exciting in a fashion enthusiast’s life than spending time in New York City in September, during Fashion Week and Fall fabulousness. So I was particularly thrilled to be able to spend 72 hours in the Big Apple earlier this month for Market – touching garments and feeling fabrics – after years of virtual “visits” during Covid.

When I choose items for a collection to sell at GAL Fashion, I consider many factors: What will my customer where this with? Who am I buying it for? How many pieces and in what sizes should I purchase? How will this work alongside other items I’ve purchased?

On the first day of Market, we visited Coterie, a fashion marketplace where hundreds of brands and designers from all over the world show their collections for three days. Later we hit the showrooms, which offer private one-on-ones with the brand and sometimes the designer. Sometimes showrooms will allow buyers to choose customized and preferences according to what will be the best fit for the individual store. This trip, we saw Cinq a Sept, Ramy Brook, Delfi and other brands that our clients love.

Among my favorite finds on the trip: B-low the Belt, designer inspired handbags and Amanda Uprichard, and an up-and-coming international brand from a hidden market that will launch exclusively at IL Mercato on October. 7th.

What’s IL Mercato, you ask? IL Mercato is a project that I’m thrilled to share will be a series of pop-up shops inspired by market travel and buys. The retail experience will feature one-of-a-kind brands not sold in department stores, online or event at GAL Fashion. IL Mercato is for the true fashionista who will discover treasure pieces in a real market setting! The pop-up will be replete with mini showrooms, brand reps, models, and even local bites in the lounge (market shopping can be exhausting!). IL Mercato will be appointment-only, affording shoppers quality time with the brands, seeing the clothing on the models, and the opportunity to ask questions and feel the items.

Generally, markets are extremely costly because you have to buy full collections, not just one or two pieces. But to me and my fellow fashion fanatics, it’s a worthwhile opportunity to discover things you will probably never find again.

Honestly, I am more excited about what I bought for IL Mercato during my visit than I am or Spring 2023! The items are so limited and precious, I am curious about the response to the appointments that will be set; I am eager for my customers’ perspectives and points of view on the international luxuries we found. Will they love them? Will they hate them? Will we sell out? Will they want more? The suspense is killing me…

Finally, back to NYC:

We went from place to place to find the best and we did. Here are a few trends to look forward to for Spring 2023:

  1. Emilio Pucci Print: The classic swirls
  2. Dolce and Gabbana Florals: Amalfi and Positano-inspired
  3. Prada 90s vibe with day dresses and all 90s
  4. Techno fabric, a huge trend in the 2000s
  5. Pastels: An Easter must have

The 90s and 2000s continue their dominant comeback, so dig out the looks from Prada, Pucci, Miu Miu if they’re still hanging in your closet and call it vintage! Headbands and hair clips, low rise jeans and tie-back halters… they’re all hitting, Baby, one more time.

Other notable moments from the Big Apple: Taking an elevator with Nick and Kevin Jonas; I was oblivious meanwhile my Gen-Z stylist, Pablo, freaked out silently. Later, a slice of delicious NY-style pizza rounded things out – the perfect way to end 72-hours of fashion.

As I reflect on this trip, I’m reminded how blessed I am to be able to do what I love for a living. I know I always this say this, but it’s true. During my morning prayers, I thank God daily for giving me the opportunity to work in an industry I absolutely love.

Thank you for joining me on my journey, and I hope to see you at IL Mercato!


Dear Reader, It’s been exactly two years since I last updated my blog, but it feels like a lifetime has passed. While this blog has always been an important creative outlet for me, the past twenty-four months have been a time of deep, unprecedented evolution and growth for me, and I wasn’t in the place to share until this moment. Now, tapping into my experience, strength, and hope, I feel grateful to share my journey and updates once again. Speaking of experience, strength and hope… this October will mark two years of sobriety for me. I consider my recovery God’s biggest blessing; my life and significant relationship have been restored and perhaps the most meaningful gift has been finding my True self: discovering who Gesuina really is. My journey hasn’t been easy and it’s by no means finished, but it has been rewarding in more ways than I ever thought possible. Another seismic shift? This past summer, I closed MAXIMUS, the luxury men’s store that I opened in 2020. What started off as a booming business quickly downturned, but I realized that rather than invest more time and resources into making something work, I would follow my true passions and channel that energy into my real love: women’s fashion. So. Many. Lessons. Learned. This brings me to this moment: I lead a team of eight employees at GAL Fashion. They’re the light of my life, imbuing the store with uniqueness and joy. We’ve re-branded GAL, an evolution I invite you to follow at @galfashion. I hope you will feel the special attention the quality and the high level of expertise that our team exudes on a daily basis. After six years in business, I finally feel that we are enjoying the fruits of our labor come to life. What a beautiful (and delicious!) experience. Speaking of evolution… fashion is never boring. Styles and trends change with the seasons, and I have adapted this same rhythm. The past two years have been rife with reading, learning, traveling, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, even in the face of a global pandemic. Challenges? I now welcome them as opportunities to grow. Where I used to make decisions out of fear, I have become a Yes Girl who, like my friend Nanda says, embraces when “it’s time to say yes to the universe!” Some of the yeses that I would have said no to two years ago? Producing two major large events, judging a pageant, traveling alone, facing the closing of a business with bravery and honesty. So it’s in this inspired spirit that I welcome you back to this blog, to walk this journey with me… whether you’re in studded Valentino heels or sneakers. My recent travels and life experience have inspired a very special project. On October 7th, I’ll share the details, so save the date and join me in YES!