Have you ever had that one tee shirt that you have had for years, and still love it? It may have a small hole, a minor stain, but the wear has just made it even more comfortable and great?

I do! I’m proud to say that I’ve got one tee that I have had for 7 years, and survived many closet clearings and wardrobe overhauls. My trusty v-neck Vince tee is my go-to, ready for any adventure.

Last November, I traveled to Los Angeles and visited Maxfield’s, a high-end but edgy boutique frequented by celebs like Justin Beiber and Kendall Jenner. There, I discovered a line called Madeworn, a brand of t-shirts that include some new and some vintage tees, all customized to highlight detailing and “wear.” The shirts are treated with everything from burning, steaming, distressing and cutting, all hand done with care to give each top the perfect look.

Recently, when I was in Dallas for Spring Market, I stumbled upon Madeworn again. This time, I learned that the designer was obsessed with vintage rock and roll tees and found an original Japanese sewing machine that he used to reconstruct band t-shirts he purchased at auction from the 60s and 70s. He scoured the globe to find the original ink and tints used on the shirts back during their original production, and created a “new old tee,” adding his own distressing and designer touches. The designer frequents thrift shops and estate sales to find the perfect military vintage jackets (seen below) and hand sews patches on to all of his jackets.

These custom-made, exquisitely crafted tees are hard to find, but I was able to score a few for GAL. To no surprise, we sold out of the shirts in one day. I love the story behind this incredible brand and I am glad you did too! I look forward to bring you more fresh pieces this year!