Since I started working in fashion, I’ve been to Market in NYC about eight times, and never has a trip been quite as impactful as the trip I just had with my mother for my new store. Behind-the-scenes fashion is always a couple seasons forward, so this trip was spent seeing trends and lines for Summer/Spring 2016. When I arrived on Friday night, I immediately went to rest at my hotel in anticipation of the busy days ahead.

Day 1 - Saturday we started at the Coterie, which hosts dozens of contemporary vendors under one roof. My wishlist was far too long to complete in one day since I hadn’t shopped any of those lines before. A true fresh start! I was able to experiment with each brand I discovered, with every vendor more excitement than the other.

I noticed a definite trend of boho/70s flair for SS16, with high-waisted flare legged denim and off-the-shoulder ruffle tops dominating the racks. The exaggerated bell bottoms and bohemian silhouettes felt so luxurious and dramatic! The common fabric amongst all the designers was a pretty eyelet white cotton— so light and sweet for Spring. Chanel’s fringe tweed look is everywhere— shoes, handbags, jackets, even dresses. Sheer lace and elegant pastels in a range of ivories, lilacs, mints and yellows were everywhere, and tassels galore!

Day 2- A day of discovering and conquering, I visited shops like Isabel Marant, Sass and Bide, Kirna Zabete, Zimmerman, Scoop, Tommorowland and others for inspiration for my new store.The look and feel of the boutiques are aesthetically so similar to my own tastes, so I studied as many details as possible to infuse my own ideas on what El Paso is missing in a quality clothing boutique.

After a day of browsing, my mom and I dined at the cutest restaurant, where we chatted for hours. Feeling adventurous, we decided at the last minute to treat ourselves to Lion King on Broadway before returning to our hotel to rest up for day 3.

Day 3 - This day was spent taking in appointment after appointment, and although there was a lot to do and I felt physically tired, I’m always excited to learn new things. I loved seeing all the beautiful prints, Spring knits, and festive party dresses.— I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and we are barely in September! I wrapped up the day with an appointment with a notable designer whose line I’m thrilled to say we will carry exclusively! I won’t reveal who now, but never in my wildest dreams did I think such a high profile and beloved designer would be featured in my store! You will all be so proud to see the clothes hanging in El Paso racks—stay tuned for more details on this one.

Finally, we finished our day at Eataly, where we wined and dined, indulging in some exotic cheeses, wine, pasta and pizza. And of course, dessert and coffee to celebrate a another successful day at Market.

Day 4 - My favorite day! I’m keeping the lines under wraps for now (I promise it’s worth the wait), but let’s just say that El Paso will soon be home to a clothing boutique with an eclectic mix of well-known and emerging designers. I spent all day at Cheslea Market, an underground market jam packed with incredibly unique finds, and left more inspired than ever. I am thrilled by the prospect of what’s to come, and hope you are, too. Let the adventures begin!

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