It’s a common misconception that being a fashionista comes with a hefty price tag. While I am all about good deals, I’ll admit that bargain hunting and vintage shopping isn’t my favorite pastime, but I don’t mind hunting online for designer looks for less.

And although I wish I could afford all the major designer trends, I’m the first to admit that sometimes I cheat and buy an inexpensive iteration of a particular trend, especially when I know it may only be around for a season or two.

Given my new business venture, I am on a strict budget and I will have to cut out the luxury shopping and shop smarter, without losing my stylish edge. Lately I have been on the hunt for unique new lines and designers for my store I couldn’t help but to notice how many inexpensive versions of the same Fall trends there are! To my happy surprise, I came across several brands in the same vain as the higher end lines, but much more affordable.

On my search for designers, I found that Topshop, Zara and H and M replicate high end designers especially well. I giddily purchased two amazing items on Zara. The dress cost me $29.90 (As pictured above) the original version by Thakoon can be found on Intermix for $520. The second look (As seen on Tres _Gal Instagram) is a gorgeous white silk blouse that is even prettier in person, also from Zara. The top I scored looks exactly like my friend’s Jason Wu’s version that can be found at Neiman Marcus for $1295. The best part is, they are just as fabulous at a better price! Designer looks without the designer price tags! What a concept.

I do love quality and the luxury of high end things, but there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching. After all, a true fashionista knows how to rock things with any label.

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