Tres Club is an exciting new project we’re working on that is slated to launch in the next upcoming months. In a nutshell, Tres Club is a local personal shopping service that allows customers to fill out a brief, interactive questionnaire about their lifestyle, style and fit preference, then have a personal stylist (me!) cherry-pick a number of outfits for them, then deliver it to their door that same day. We’ve done a few test runs while we work on launching the website, and I could not be happier about the results.

The making of Tres Club has been a true learning experience. Much like starting my own business, the project launch has been full of fun of exciting risks. The best part about moving forward is that we’ve already experienced a 100% success rate with the clients that have received our personalized boxes brimming with custom outfits. I don’t expect every customer to keep every single item we send, as long as she feels special and is happy with the overall selection.

To prepare, I spent last weekend at a photoshoot that will feature the dozens of outfit options on Tres Club. My friend and talented photographer, Dav Anmed, shot 26 outfits I chose to represent the various clothing styles and personality types to choose from on the website. We decided on three main style types: Trendsetter, Bohemian, and Working Woman. A Trendsetter is the fashionista who sports the latest trends and styles, while a Bohemian client veers toward the flowier tops, fringe and boots. The Working Woman is just that — someone whose wardrobe is more tailored and professional, then all style types are then narrowed based on more specific looks and fits. From the data that we collect when clients click on the the images that best fit their preferences, I will be able to style a Tres Box and deliver it to their doorstep. How fun is that! After all, who wouldn’t say yes to a box of new merchandise and personalized outfits to choose from?

Tres Club will launch this summer, so check back soon. For now, here is a peek behind the velvet curtain to whet your fashion appetite!

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