Recently, I received a blog topic request from Dana Jamieson, asking about transitioning Summer investment pieces into Fall staples. I’ve written before about how important it is to invest in versatile, quality clothing, but had never considered the importance of transitioning from season to season, instead of storing them for the same time the following year. What a great idea for a blog post!

Most fabrics can transition year round, but I put together a list of helpful hints to consider when planning your look ahead:

There are a few fabrics that are altogether “out” for Fall: linen, cotton voile and bright, white denim. Aside from these, feel free to mix and match your pieces by adding rich, Fall-hued accessories or pairing a light jacket or vest to make them appropriate for the cooler weather.

Above, I am wearing a dress I purchased from Veronica Beard in early June. It’s a pretty, cotton long-sleeve dress, yet I wore it with sandals all Summer long. For Fall, I will add a leather jacket and leather booties, and come Winter, I plan to pair it with tights, suede shoes and a fur vest. This single item will have worked for three different seasons while looking and feeling appropriate and on-trend. Depending on the weather, you can always add tights to dresses for a winter look, or a leather jacket for more versatility and edge. Accessorize with different colors, lengths, weight and fabrics, but most importantly, have fun experimenting to change your Summer pieces into the perfect Fall fashion!

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