Those who know me would likely say that black is my signature color. The dark hue makes up most of my closet, in a variety of silhouettes and textures, including Blazers, dresses and shoes.

Lately, though, I’ve been dabbling in color, adding shades of white to my wardrobe that pairs easily with the rest of my clothes and offers a chic, clean contrast to prints, solids and accessories.

I’m a big believer in investment pieces, spending a bit extra on a handful of quality clothes that will endure over the years instead of getting a bunch of trendy items that cost less but will last only a season. My newest classic, white additions have been the perfect investment pieces. The best part about blacks and white in your closet is that these colors can transition and into different looks all year round with the addition of a light jacket or sandal, heel or jeans. A good rule of thumb when considering an investment piece is to ask yourself how many items and outfits you own that you can mix and match it with.

I ask myself the same question all the time. In the photos above, I am wearing a new arrival from Elizabeth and James. It is an effortless Parisian organza skirt that can be dressed up or down and retails $395. This staple investment piece can be worn so many ways.

I purchased the black Parker crop top last winter and am still rocking it all summer. It’s an easy piece that looks great with everything.

Another reason I wear so much black and white? No matter what, the combination always seems to look put together and you can add a pop of color on your handbag, your shoes or even your lips, and you will still look posh!