Dear readers,

You may have noticed things have been quiet around here for some time. I haven’t forgotten about my beloved blog, or become less excited about it or you. The reason that I’ve not updated is because honestly, my future at Tres Mariposas was a bit uncertain as I considered new opportunities. Now, after a bit of perspective, head clearing and planning, it’s with bittersweet feelings that I share with you why I’ve decided to leave Tres Mariposas and well, spread my own wings.

After five fulfilling years working as a buyer/apparel manager at Tres Mariposas, I submitted my resignation a little over a week ago. I leave with a heart full of gratitude and respect for Nan, Tres’ owner, who gave me the chance to join their team with no retail experience. I truly became who I am today because of my time there, I developed my fashion and retail skills, and business savvy in that store. I credit many client relationships and friends, my knowledge of brands, fabrics and the buying process to my time with Tres. Not only did I become a true high-end retail expert, but I matured personally, my character developed exponentially, and I truly appreciate the way in which the store and everyone I met have changed me. However, after five years, I’ve been feeling a pull for a greater challenge, but didn’t know exactly what this meant for my career.

After several late night heart to hearts with my husband, we decided the time is right for me to take a professional risk. My time has come to a close with Tres Mariposas and I would welcome a new adventure. Recently while driving, I was listening to a podcast by Joel Osteen, who delivered a lecture called, “Freedom from Bad Thoughts.” I could have sworn he wrote the speech just for me. He spoke about the idea that my best days are ahead of me, and that there are seeds planted within each aspiration you have.

It is time to water that seed and grow it into something real: I’m overjoyed to share that I’ve decided to open my own clothing boutique.

That’s right! I’m finally on the path to realizing my lifelong desire of owning my own boutique. Opportunities have aligned in my favor, the right people have started coming into my life, and everything seems to be in place. My husband, Abel, has given me the courage to pursue my dream and although I could have stayed at Tres Mariposas for years to come, safely and securely, I have decided to take a leap of faith that I hope will push me into my true destiny.

My store (name to be revealed soon!) will be opening in 2016. My mom and I are flying to market in New York City next week, and I have never been more excited (or more scared!) about what the future holds. I invite you to join me on this new adventure and continue reading along as plans unfold for the grand opening.

Stay tuned, friends, there’s much more to come!