Recently, I have been in good cheer. I have made a couple of adjustments and changes that have ultimately led to a very positive outcome. I decided to make an effort and discover the silver lining in everything during this quarantine. Instead of dwelling on what I can not control, I have chosen to get busy and get creative. My mother created Luxury Easter baskets from her store, Tesori. Now, if you are not familiar with Gal’s sister store, long story short, I was planning on letting go of the extra store because I no longer sold evening wear. I thought having the extra unused space was unnecessary. Then one day, over the kitchen counter my mom decided to make her dream a reality and open up a store of her own, taking over the space I was no longer using. She would go on to sell all kinds of small fabulous gifts and treasures. Thus Tesori, which means treasure in Italian, came to be.

Let’s fast forward to the present. The woman was creating some splendid Easter baskets and I decided to pop in and check up on her progress. You would think we spend quite a lot of time together because we are neighbors, but that’s not always the case. We are actually both very involved and attentive to our own worlds.

My mom needed help. She needed my eyes. Immediately, I let my creative juices flow. I added a touch of glam, tulle, and of course extra stuffing. Before you knew it I had gotten myself into something I would not be able to get out of. It was Christmas fair all over again. She is a smart woman, that cool cat. She lures you in by asking for your opinion. Then, next thing you know, you are working for her with no way out. In a good way, of course.

It was arts and crafts all over again. I felt like I was back in school working on an art project. Feeling proud of the upgrades I gave to the basket, I immediately shared on Instagram. All of a sudden DMs start sliding in. People wanted to know about prices and sizes. They wanted to know it all! For sure, we were on to something.

For the next 48 hours Mama G, the nickname I gave my mother, and I were creating tons of baskets nonstop. We stayed up until midnight which is quite late for quarantine, and then woke up super early the next day to finish all the basket requests we had. What was great about the baskets was that not only did we offer free delivery to everyone, but all of the baskets were customized and tailored with special details, love, and treasures for every individual. We made baskets starting at $50 all the way up to $500. Even though the baskets themselves were pretty special, the most special part about everything was being able to spend Easter working by mom’s side. We had a blast while we did what we loved. There is no way to neglect that retail, detail and hard work runs through our blood.

Happy Easter to you all!