Friends, I am sincerely excited and humbled to share that by the grace of God, today I celebrate two years of sobriety!

Two years may not seem like a long time, but more than that, I’m celebrating the journey. As you know, I’ve been extremely open about my sobriety since I am not sure I would still be on this Earth today had I not started my road to recovery when I did. This journey has been the most beautiful and gratifying gift, affording me so much necessary change and growth in just a short time. Reflecting on this anniversary, I am reminded of a Bible verse in Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed with the world but be transformed with the renewing of your mind that you may do good and what is acceptable by the perfect will of God.”

In my first year of recovery, I focused on doing anything and everything I could do to stay sober. Year two, I had the freedom to discover myself. For the first time, I saw myself clearly, without the crutch or cloudiness of alcohol. I became my own friend. I am learning to accept and even enjoy carrying out the will of God. This is an ongoing pursuit, but so much more fruitful than trying to do it all on my own. This profound joy is a direct result of sobriety, a feeling I don’t ever want to lose or take for granted.

Today, my finances are in order, my relationships are healthy, my business is in a good place, I am debt-free (!), and I have a strong rapport with my family. I am still a constant work in progress, but I am realizing that the more layers I peel back, and the more I discover about myself, the freer I am able to live.

I’ve discovered that sobriety is about choices. In the throws of my disease, I was unable to make choices. I was a slave to my disease, unaware of the gravity and depth of destruction I faced. I was in emotional, physical, and mental pain, obsessed with the one thing at the root of it all.

Today – after much work, I am choosing to live freely. I feel happiness, fulfillment, and richness through peace and serenity that I didn’t know existed for me. Every day, I make the choice to continue the work; there has been temptation, and times I wanted to give up, but I know that if I did, I would be giving up on myself. I know where the drink will take me. I play the tape that I lived to nauseating effect; I know that is not a place I EVER want to visit again. So when I feel my thoughts and action veering into a dangerous place, I now know that I can pause, surrender, pray, and turn my will over to God.

I have also come to know the importance of normalizing recovery and sharing the gift of sobriety. If you or anyone you know suffers from addiction, I invite you to reach out to me or to another support source. I have been told that my openness has encouraged some to make the change, so if you are struggling, let this be your sign to reach out.

Thank you always for your support in my journey and God bless you!