I am very excited for this new year and all its possibilities. One of the best things to have come from last year, for me, is the creation of this blog and being blessed to be able to reach and touch people’s lives through it. I’m grateful for that connection and I want to encourage you, dear readers, to join me in setting some goals for 2016.

With age also comes wisdom, knowledge and and maturity. This new year offers another opportunity to better yourself and get closer to your goals.

After so much change and refinement, and some setbacks in 2015, I am ready to take on the world!

Here are a few goals I made for myself in 2016:

-I have encountered a lot of people lately who have told me they wish they would have taken better care of their health when they were younger. I never realized how important it is to truly take care of and nourish your body—we only get one. It’s a temporary flesh that we need to keep clean and healthy and if you want to be able to enjoy your later years, sacrifice now and live a better happier you.

  • In the past, I admit I was a bit lazy and hated to wake up early. Now my husband and I wake up at 4:30 am to get our days started, and I have never before felt so accomplished than now. Starting the day off right and early and with exercise will get you energized, focused and ready for whatever comes up in your day. It’s important to not just rise early but also to spend some time exercising– whether your choice is yoga, stretching, running around the block or even personal training. This has already made a huge difference in my life.

My last goal is to make my new store a place of hope and comfort, and to fulfill not just my customers’ apparel needs but most importantly, their confidence. Clothes and accessories are important of course, but my vision is about so much more than that. I know God gave me the opportunity to open this business to serve my clients and community in so many more ways besides just fashion. I resolve to operate the store with integrity, sincerity and passion, and through this, I really hope I can help change lives! These are my 2016 resolutions, and I would love to hear yours! Facebook me your questions and comments at Gesuina A. Legaspy or tweet me at Gesuina _Legaspy