Dear Reader, It’s been exactly two years since I last updated my blog, but it feels like a lifetime has passed. While this blog has always been an important creative outlet for me, the past twenty-four months have been a time of deep, unprecedented evolution and growth for me, and I wasn’t in the place to share until this moment. Now, tapping into my experience, strength, and hope, I feel grateful to share my journey and updates once again. Speaking of experience, strength and hope… this October will mark two years of sobriety for me. I consider my recovery God’s biggest blessing; my life and significant relationship have been restored and perhaps the most meaningful gift has been finding my True self: discovering who Gesuina really is. My journey hasn’t been easy and it’s by no means finished, but it has been rewarding in more ways than I ever thought possible. Another seismic shift? This past summer, I closed MAXIMUS, the luxury men’s store that I opened in 2020. What started off as a booming business quickly downturned, but I realized that rather than invest more time and resources into making something work, I would follow my true passions and channel that energy into my real love: women’s fashion. So. Many. Lessons. Learned. This brings me to this moment: I lead a team of eight employees at GAL Fashion. They’re the light of my life, imbuing the store with uniqueness and joy. We’ve re-branded GAL, an evolution I invite you to follow at @galfashion. I hope you will feel the special attention the quality and the high level of expertise that our team exudes on a daily basis. After six years in business, I finally feel that we are enjoying the fruits of our labor come to life. What a beautiful (and delicious!) experience. Speaking of evolution… fashion is never boring. Styles and trends change with the seasons, and I have adapted this same rhythm. The past two years have been rife with reading, learning, traveling, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, even in the face of a global pandemic. Challenges? I now welcome them as opportunities to grow. Where I used to make decisions out of fear, I have become a Yes Girl who, like my friend Nanda says, embraces when “it’s time to say yes to the universe!” Some of the yeses that I would have said no to two years ago? Producing two major large events, judging a pageant, traveling alone, facing the closing of a business with bravery and honesty. So it’s in this inspired spirit that I welcome you back to this blog, to walk this journey with me… whether you’re in studded Valentino heels or sneakers. My recent travels and life experience have inspired a very special project. On October 7th, I’ll share the details, so save the date and join me in YES!