Last week, we received a new arrival at Tres Mariposas that has claimed the top spot on my list of dream dresses. The dress is exquisitely crafted by Wolford, a line that is most well-known for hosiery and quality undergarments. Because of the brand’s expertise in body and fit, its fashion pieces are equally as flattering on any figure.

One Tres buyer, Bobbie Baldridge, dubbed the dress the “It” dress of the season, as it looks just as dreamy on the hanger as it does on a real body. Another reason to love the “Fatale” dress? Because it can be worn a half-dozen ways:

1 . The Maxi Dress
2. The Midi Dress
3. The Mini Dress
4. The Maxi Skirt
5. The Midi Skirt
6. The Mini Skirt
7. Even a special occasion gown with fine jewelry!

The Fatale Dress is as stylish as it is versatile, available for order in any color and size, with an accessible price point of $215—an investment piece that merits a space in any closet. I plan on wearing my Wolford dress on an upcoming trip to Vegas and plan to style is as a mini for evening, a midi to work and even pair it with a denim jacket on my next Market trip. It really is the ideal suitcase staple since the innovative knitting technology makes for a wrinkle-free hold.

When I purchased my first Wolford piece back in 2009, I didn’t understand then why a basic black tank was so expensive. Now, five years later, when that same $200 investment has never lost shape or color and is still one of my go-to’s, I get it. Much like my trusty black Wolford tank top, the Fatale dress is one for the ages. Wear it well!

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Those who know me would likely say that black is my signature color. The dark hue makes up most of my closet, in a variety of silhouettes and textures, including Blazers, dresses and shoes.

Lately, though, I’ve been dabbling in color, adding shades of white to my wardrobe that pairs easily with the rest of my clothes and offers a chic, clean contrast to prints, solids and accessories.

I’m a big believer in investment pieces, spending a bit extra on a handful of quality clothes that will endure over the years instead of getting a bunch of trendy items that cost less but will last only a season. My newest classic, white additions have been the perfect investment pieces. The best part about blacks and white in your closet is that these colors can transition and into different looks all year round with the addition of a light jacket or sandal, heel or jeans. A good rule of thumb when considering an investment piece is to ask yourself how many items and outfits you own that you can mix and match it with.

I ask myself the same question all the time. In the photos above, I am wearing a new arrival from Elizabeth and James. It is an effortless Parisian organza skirt that can be dressed up or down and retails $395. This staple investment piece can be worn so many ways.

I purchased the black Parker crop top last winter and am still rocking it all summer. It’s an easy piece that looks great with everything.

Another reason I wear so much black and white? No matter what, the combination always seems to look put together and you can add a pop of color on your handbag, your shoes or even your lips, and you will still look posh!

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Tres Club is an exciting new project we’re working on that is slated to launch in the next upcoming months. In a nutshell, Tres Club is a local personal shopping service that allows customers to fill out a brief, interactive questionnaire about their lifestyle, style and fit preference, then have a personal stylist (me!) cherry-pick a number of outfits for them, then deliver it to their door that same day. We’ve done a few test runs while we work on launching the website, and I could not be happier about the results.

The making of Tres Club has been a true learning experience. Much like starting my own business, the project launch has been full of fun of exciting risks. The best part about moving forward is that we’ve already experienced a 100% success rate with the clients that have received our personalized boxes brimming with custom outfits. I don’t expect every customer to keep every single item we send, as long as she feels special and is happy with the overall selection.

To prepare, I spent last weekend at a photoshoot that will feature the dozens of outfit options on Tres Club. My friend and talented photographer, Dav Anmed, shot 26 outfits I chose to represent the various clothing styles and personality types to choose from on the website. We decided on three main style types: Trendsetter, Bohemian, and Working Woman. A Trendsetter is the fashionista who sports the latest trends and styles, while a Bohemian client veers toward the flowier tops, fringe and boots. The Working Woman is just that — someone whose wardrobe is more tailored and professional, then all style types are then narrowed based on more specific looks and fits. From the data that we collect when clients click on the the images that best fit their preferences, I will be able to style a Tres Box and deliver it to their doorstep. How fun is that! After all, who wouldn’t say yes to a box of new merchandise and personalized outfits to choose from?

Tres Club will launch this summer, so check back soon. For now, here is a peek behind the velvet curtain to whet your fashion appetite!

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Few things say all-American like blue jeans and baseball, my inspiration for this effortless Summer outfit. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend in style, mixing sky-high wedges and distressed jeans, and a bright, structured handbag with an easy top. Toss your favorite lightweight sunscreen in your bag and you’re ready for any adventure the weekend brings!

[Equipment]({:target="blank"} top | [J Brand]({:target="blank"} jeans | [Chloe]({:target="blank"} handbag | [Jimmy Choo]({:target="blank"} Shoes | [La Mer]({:target="blank"} sunscreen Outfit, bag and similar looks available at [Tres Mariposas]({:target="blank"}
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Summers in West Texas are infamous for their scorching heat, which don’t exactly make for the most stylish outfit options. Looking fresh and chic in super hot weather is a challenge, but I’ve learned that mixing and matching prints and textures, is the best way to achieve the effortlessly cool look that summer is all about.

In past seasons, easy dresses in bold prints have been the go-to for hot weather because of their soft material and light feel. Summer of 2015, however, is all about choosing a few key separates in complimentary colors to elevate your warm weather game and really give your wardrobe a second life.

I challenge you to stay clear of the romper, jumper and dress as a daily go-to, and instead get inventive with a few special separates.

A few of my favorites:

Crop tops and Twofers – Crop tops have been in style for a few seasons now and they’re here to stay. These crop tops are usually paired with high-waisted minis or shorts that make the style a friendly option for any body type.

High-Waisted Skirt — This skirt is the “it” item of the season, and the basis for your summer separates. A short mini can update your cropped pieces, plus mixing and matching colors and textures adds an unexpected but chic twist to your entire look.

In the photo above, I’m mixing a sheer check and silk crepe textured Voula crop top with a printed Risley skirt, both by Elizabeth and James. Elizabeth and James brings together two dynamic personalities into exquisite balance. Elizabeth’s uptown sophistication and feminine detail is paired with James’ laidback, downtown edge and masculine tailoring. Individually, each would be incomplete. Together, they are striking in perfection. Cheers to finding your own balance in style this summer!

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