Every so often, I become so inspired and excited by a designer that I find myself wanting to tell their story, beyond a single photo or a line in a blog about multiple trends. I’ve mentioned Camilla here before, but the Australian-based line warrants its very own post, perpetually stealing the show with its vibrant hues, luxe fabrics and inventive style. They’re inspired prints from all over the world, and come in a variety of bold colors and graphic patterns.

Founded a decade ago by designer Camilla Frank, I was first introduced to the luxury brand a couple months ago, when I scooped up a few colorful kaftans for Tres Marisposas and we sold out within three days. I was infatuated with Camilla at first sight. The line is brimming with “forever” pieces—precious silk and Swarovski crystals that can be worn through countless summer events, each garment unique and distinctive. I can see these pieces on women of every age, since the kaftans, maxis, kimonos and flowing blouses are flattering on all figures. You’d be in good company in Camilla, since everyone from Beyonce to Kate Hudson to Miranda Kerr are fans.

My very favorite thing about the brand is that the Camilla dress can be worn half a dozen ways. That’s right—one dress is really six gorgeous styles: one shoulder, high, low, bra tuck, short, and mini. I had so much fun experimenting with this dress in particular. I’ve learned that when you look good, you really do feel good.

We’ve got a new batch of Camilla goodies at Tres, and I invite you to come by and try the line for yourself. Nothing says summer quite like Camilla.

Note: In the photos below, I’m wearing flash tattoos by Lulu DK. Both the tattoos and Camilla dress are available at Tres Mariposas.


Springtime has officially arrived, and seasonal festivities like Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation and weddings are upon us, the perfect time to freshen up your style with new accessories.

In my Dallas Market blog post, I mentioned that we ordered crystal head pieces, and they have arrived to Tres Mariposas just in time for Spring.
These crystal head pieces are versatile and ageless, perfect for a daytime look or even for a special occasion, and be worn for prom, Spring weddings or even with a Sunday brunch maxi dress. We ordered the accessories in an assortment of colors and price points, from a variety of brands to fit every budget and style and event on your calendar.

Pictured here are the first batch of goodies from a line called G-Lish. They make for great Easter basket goodies or a treat to dress up any look. My favorites are the solid crystal headpieces because they’re so versatile that one band can be worn with a variety of outfits. Truly anyone can rock a head piece for any occasion—these bohemian accessories can even offer the perfect bit of sparkle for everyone from a girl’s night on the town to a blushing bride!

Speaking of sparkle, I hope you all have a very special Easter weekend, and take the time to enjoy the warming weather in fabulous style.


Day three of my LA visit turned out to be the highlight of the trip. My first appointment of the day was with designer Nicole Batki, my personal favorite, and the best-selling dress designer at Tres. I still remember seeing the first Batki dress I just had to have, and years later, I still own it.

I was honored to be invited to tour the Nicole Batki headquarters by label owner Aida, and driven to her Pasadena warehouse by her son, to select gowns out of her vast collection. I was able to explore the space where the designer began 25 years ago.

Next, we traveled to the label headquarters, where I enjoyed the privilege of meeting Aida, seeing the craftsmanship firsthand, meeting her giant black poodle, and of course, choosing the right gowns to order for El Paso, plus one gifted gown for myself. It was truly the stuff of fashion fairytales. Who knows—this may have been the inspiration I need to start designing on my own one day!

We then left for the Cooper Building in downtown LA to finish the buying appointments. I ran into my friend Deva, who represents a line called Camilla. I also snapped up brands like Camilla, which is new to Tres. Camilla offers stunning beaded kaftans and exaggerated blazers and prints. This Australian line is available now in-store and is on fire! Each piece is unique and different from anything we have carried before. It’s no wonder our original order sold-out in less than 3 days. Another must-have was Joie. Their Fall collection looked fantastic, with many great, luxe sweaters and knits at accessible price points for the chillier weather.

Finally, I beelined to Skull Cashmere who was one of the best finds of my trip. On our last day in LA, we browsed the racks at LA Mart, which is a world unto itself, with more than 150 showrooms to explore.

The best way to end an amazing trip? Running into one of my style blog icons, Sincerely Jules! I spotted Jules during lunch, and couldn’t resist approaching to her gush a bit, since she is the one who inspired me to start my own blog. I even picked up some posing tips from her as we snapped photos together (pro tip: strike a different post each shot!).

This was my first trip to LA market, but it won’t be my last. I can’t wait to share all of the goodies I found for Tres Mariposas with you!


This past Sunday, I had a great opportunity to attend the Los Angeles market for the first time. My assistant, Taylor, and I flew out in the early morning and our adventure had begun!

First stop, the ACE Hotel — a chic, vintage, hip hotel in the heart of Downtown LA. Many friends had recommended we stay there since the LA Fashion District is within walking distance.

We stayed in a suite on the 12th floor and I was pleasantly surprised—it was the cutest room, equipped with a record player, a guitar and a bear claw bathtub. I immediately uncorked a bottle of champagne, unpacked my bags and began to get ready for brunch.

Next stop, Lisa Vanderpump (from RHOBH) Twitter Event. I had made reservations at her new restaurant, PUMP, in West Hollywood. My best friend, Samantha, picked me up and we were off!

As soon as we arrived and were seated at the restaurant, we noticed that none other than Lisa Vanderpump was dining at the table right beside us, with Ken, Giggy, Pandora, and Jason. I had a mini freak out moment when after ordering, Ken Vanderpump came up to me and asked me where I got my (Dior) sunglasses!

They were all friendly and explained they were waiting for Lisa to hit 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. Once she hit one million, she ordered a round of Sangria for everyone!

Later, James Kennedy from (VanderpumpRules) was deejaying and we met him as well, who invited us to Sur Lounge later. We
took a detour to shop at the Grove, then headed to Sur later for dinner, where we met with Jax (VanderpumpRules) and the rest of the crew. We had a blast, dancing late into the night until finally it was time to head home.

The next day it was time to work. I headed to the LA Mart to see my first appointment at 10 Eleven Joie. The Fall Collection looked fantastic, so many great sweaters and knits for the chillier weather.

Next, I visited Hatch showroom, where I fell deeply in love with Thomas Wylde. High-end Parisian couture at an affordable price, skulls and cashmere — my absolute favorite new find of the day. The Showroom manager introduced me to Mara and Mine, where I found the most irreverent, but incredible slippers (photo below).

There were so many floors to explore, to the point where I even felt overwhelmed. The space was an oversized version of the markets I’m used to, made even better since LA is the corporate headquarters of many of the lines I carry, making the experience even better.

I set out to explore, and found some new immediates from BB Dakota (coming soon), and snatched up orders from Paul and Joe Sister and Generation Love. Fall is going to be a great season, I don’t know if it was the LA vibe and the fact that I was in the their home base office, but I was inspired to take risks, try to new things and new brands, and I feel confident that the clients at Tres will love them, too.

After long hours of hard, but fun work, I headed to the DryBar in Beverly Hills for a blowout (because I’m obsessed now, and we’ll call it market research). Samantha, Taylor and I capped off the trip with a rooftop dinner at the ACE Hotel and toasted to our second night in LA. Stay tuned for what unfolded next!


I must admit, when I first was introduced to the midi trend in 2014, I was a bit nervous. I thought, you have to be tall and thin to pull off this look… there is no way my squatty little body can flatter a midi skirt! Despite my doubts, I scooped up several “of-the-moment” midis on my recent buying trip to New York. I felt confident that this is an edgy trend young women in El Paso are going to love!

The first skirt to arrive at Tres was a pleated T-length midi with a matching crop top. It sold out immediately! At that moment, (even though I’m only 5’2), I knew I HAD to try out the stylish contour of this silhouette! The look made me feel very “Mad Men.” Which I loved! The retro 50’s Mad Men feel was way before my generation but I couldn’t help but note how ironic it is when trends come back around.

I think midi skirts are so comfortable and elegant and can be worn in a variety of ways. In my last post, I mentioned the current trend regarding A-line, circle and pencil skirts. I’ve given all three of these midis a try and here are my findings:

  • The skin tight midi is definitely a show stopper! It accentuates a lady’s curves and gives length to the body. It’s so specific, however, that after all of my try-ons with clients and friends, I realized that the skin tight version looks best on someone who’s definitely taller and leaner.

  • The A-line, although a little more relaxed, I have found to also be a bit more elegant. You can pair this style with a fitted top (seen above Phoebe Couture) to accentuate your waist and hide the rest. I decided this look was the best on me and my height. Although anyone can wear it, it was my favorite take on the midi trend because of its versatility and can be elegant yet playful at the same time.

Lastly, the circle midi, which is similar to a ballgown, is a silhouette I recommend wearing with very high heels. Height brings life to the look and in this case, I recommend the higher the better!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had exploring this fun and flirty new trend— truly the ideal skirt length for every body… Including yours!