During a trip to Los Angeles this past February, I paid a visit to Frame Denim to get an idea of the kind of denim trends I could scoop of for Fall. To my surprise, the sales girl implored me to buy a velvet blazer, swearing it was the next hottest item and on everyone’s order. I thought to myself, “Velvet? Really?” but took her word for it. I’m glad I did.

Velvet is one of those trends that seems to fall out of, then return, to popularity and this season, it’s back with a vengeance. If you’re going to invest in one piece this Autumn, make sure it’s in this soft, luxe fabric. There are plenty of options to choose from—I’m seeing velvet on everything from shoes to bomber jackets. The juxtaposition of the luxury fabric on traditionally casual pieces is fun and unexpected, all the makings of good fashion.

Trendsetters like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner are not waiting for the cool weather, but instead rocking this trend while temps are still soaring.

Though it’s still warm in Texas, you can already wear velvet pieces now as accent pieces, such as velvet booties with shorts or velvet cami dresses with wedges. There is no right or wrong way to rock the trend, just have fun with it, and don’t feel as if you have to wait for the cold to wear it. Dive into the luxe life! Indigo22

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It’s been six months since the soft opening of Gal Fashion, and while it feels like it’s been so much longer than half a year, we’ve enjoyed continued success and I am blessed to share what’s been going on around here.

Since our opening in February, we saw an immediate and positive reaction to our store. We introduced a contemporary niche that I believe El Paso craved. We were soon rocking and rolling and expanded the store to create a private evening and cocktail department for our customers.

Our lavish evening room is adorned with crystal and a 300 pound chandelier, private velvet fitting rooms and tinted windows to create a luxurious atmosphere. I love being able to cater to politicians, women in business, and influences who enjoy privacy— it makes my job extremely exciting!

With the expansion of our business, we launched our style box program, which consists of a personal styling package that is sent to local customers’ homes at no cost, delivered and picked up by our courier. This service makes emergency outfits a priority or prepping for travel a seamless and exciting endeavor. Our fashion stylists, who continue to increase their knowledge in branding, designers, textures and enhancing their skills, are truly one in a million. I am so blessed to have the fashion stylists we do at GAL; they are invested in our clients and they breathe fashion. Passion is key in our business.

In the mint of October, we will be featured in the City MAGAZINE, Womens’ Journal and I was asked to speak at Southwest University about our business. We love using our passion and presence as a platform to make a difference in the community. I hear more and more customers tell me that they no longer shop online to find the brands they love—they can do it locally in our store. Our promise is to really deliver an unforgettable experience for each customer, and to offer unique finds you won’t find anywhere else.

Lastly, before the end of the year, our online store will launch. Our social media presence has grown tremendously, and I’ve learned the importance of this through networking with other stores across the US. If you aren’t already following us on Instagram and Snapchat, we invite you to do it!

Big things are on the horizon and I am so excited for all of the Fall and holiday arrivals; glitz and glam are our speciality and we are ready to style your needs and even help clean out your closets!

With all that’s going on, we are thrilled to invest in two more fashion stylists that MUST required love fashion, must have some sense or knowledge of fashion and must ride or die “GAL.” Candidates should have flexible availability, though 10-7 are the hours of operation. We will teach you the rest!

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Dav 3487 Dav 3485 Egg3 Egg2 Dav 3648 Casual Fridays. An all-too-common term that doesn’t have to be (but often is) synonymous with boring. “Casual Fridays” is a Western term that was created to give the professionals a break from suits traditional —and conservative— suits. The cultural act was picked up all over the world as a trend, but the act of designating a single day to dress down is now all but obsolete in most work environments.

In fact, the New York Post recently published an article about a study that revealed an increased productivity level of up to 56% in the workplace when employees were allowed to dress down. The reasoning is that when you’re comfortable in your clothing, you can dedicate your energy on what’s important – not tugging and pulling at your tight pencil skirt or hobbling on too-high heels. Comfort increases your energy and focus, both essential to succeeding at work. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’ve transformed my own wardrobe and am living proof that this trend toward casual cool is here to stay.

In these times, when more and more jobs are cropping up in the creative, tech, media, and other industries where conservative dress is not de rigeur, trends like sneakers, bombers, torn sweatshirts aren’t entirely out of place in the office. I have embraced being comfy cool, whereas at one point, I never even wore flats because of my insecurity over being short. Now, I live in them!

Rule of thumb: Casual does not have to be boring or basic. Casual can be comfort at its chicest, just embrace the look and rock it with confidence.

Here are the top three trends you need in order to master Casual Fridays (or Mondays, or Tuesdays, or…)

Kannas sneakers: If you’re looking for something a little edgy, our go-to shoe is the handmade Colombian brand, Kaanas. Affordable leather kicks for everyday wear.

Bomber Jackets: I first spied this trend at the Yeezy show a few seasons ago and this is a look with some serious staying power. Whether it’s satin or embroidered, the best thing about the bomber is its day-to-night kind of feel. You can pair it casually or you can dress it up—perfect for an after work happy hour.

Sweats (Yes, Sweats!): “Athleisure” is where comfort meets casual at its finest. A good sweatshirt is a must for the Fall, and you can pair yours with a leather legging, a skirt and of course, denim. There is no right or wrong to rock this look and it’s so comfortable and versatile that this is a trend that I hope sticks.

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Have you ever had that one tee shirt that you have had for years, and still love it? It may have a small hole, a minor stain, but the wear has just made it even more comfortable and great?

I do! I’m proud to say that I’ve got one tee that I have had for 7 years, and survived many closet clearings and wardrobe overhauls. My trusty v-neck Vince tee is my go-to, ready for any adventure.

Last November, I traveled to Los Angeles and visited Maxfield’s, a high-end but edgy boutique frequented by celebs like Justin Beiber and Kendall Jenner. There, I discovered a line called Madeworn, a brand of t-shirts that include some new and some vintage tees, all customized to highlight detailing and “wear.” The shirts are treated with everything from burning, steaming, distressing and cutting, all hand done with care to give each top the perfect look.

Recently, when I was in Dallas for Spring Market, I stumbled upon Madeworn again. This time, I learned that the designer was obsessed with vintage rock and roll tees and found an original Japanese sewing machine that he used to reconstruct band t-shirts he purchased at auction from the 60s and 70s. He scoured the globe to find the original ink and tints used on the shirts back during their original production, and created a “new old tee,” adding his own distressing and designer touches. The designer frequents thrift shops and estate sales to find the perfect military vintage jackets (seen below) and hand sews patches on to all of his jackets.

These custom-made, exquisitely crafted tees are hard to find, but I was able to score a few for GAL. To no surprise, we sold out of the shirts in one day. I love the story behind this incredible brand and I am glad you did too! I look forward to bring you more fresh pieces this year!

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This month, I was chosen to serve as an honorary guest speaker for the Dynamic Women to Women session, thanks to Cassandra Diaz, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Administrative Training Specialist. I was especially honored because this monthly event was created to encourage and inspire women to open their own businesses across the city of El Paso.

I participated in a Q and A session, which I’m excited to share, below:

Q: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself.

A: Hello, my name is Gesuina Legaspy I was born and raised in El Paso. I started retail at the age of 18 and now at the age of 25 I have my very own business and I love our Sun City.

Q: How did the idea of Gal Fashion manifest, what was your A-Ha! Moment?

A: It’s so important for me that when someone walks into Gal, they leave feeling confident. My “A-Ha” moment was thinking, “wouldn’t it be amazing to do that for thousands of women?” My passion is not only fashion, but also building a community of women and encouraging women to make their own dreams a reality.

A lot of the times as women, we take care of everyone else but we don’t always take care of ourselves. I learned a short time ago, that in order to be a great mom or wife, you’ve got to take of yourself before you take care of others.

Q: Take us through a day in your life as a fashion entrepreneur.

A: One thing I do and focus on daily is training, since my job is to build up the people that run Gal so that our standards are consistent across the board. To ensure my team is always growing, motivated, excited and constantly learning is a key to our success. We have a major product knowledge training program and our stylist Jessenia Cruz is our Product Knowledge trainer. I spend a lot of time with my clients, and I also travel to markets in Dallas, LA, and New York to find the best product for El Paso. You can say I’m also a firefighter in my job since I put out “fires” all the time.

Q: Can you virtually walk us through Gal Fashion, What do we see? What should we expect?

A: Expect the unexpected! We pride ourselves on being very different from other department stores and specialty stores. From the moment you walk in, it smells great, it feels great, we try to create a welcoming a environment and we carry fantastic, eye-catching merchandise that will definitely make an impression on our guests.

Q: How are the brands picked to be in Gal Fashion, and how exclusive should we expect the brands in the boutique to be?

A: By the end of the month of April, we are launching our evening gown store/department and when we say ‘exclusive,’ we mean it. If you purchase a gown or dress at Gal, it no longer can be special ordered. It goes on a list that keeps track of exactly who bought it and where they are wearing it. El Paso is a small city and I never want anyone who shops at Gal to have to worry about someone wearing the same gown as someone else, or feeling less than one-of-a-kind.

Back to your first question, a lot goes into choosing the brands at Gal. I like to buy a lot of American made brands because I like to support America’s economy. I always think about what garment or brand is going to do for my customer, and I love lines that have a story behind them. I don’t just buy what I think is pretty but instead think about why certain items work for my customer; is it breathable, packable, quality, how does it make you feel? I especially like knowing who made the product. The stories behind the lines, the reason why they started and how they’re made.

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