I am very excited for this new year and all its possibilities. One of the best things to have come from last year, for me, is the creation of this blog and being blessed to be able to reach and touch people’s lives through it. I’m grateful for that connection and I want to encourage you, dear readers, to join me in setting some goals for 2016.

With age also comes wisdom, knowledge and and maturity. This new year offers another opportunity to better yourself and get closer to your goals.

After so much change and refinement, and some setbacks in 2015, I am ready to take on the world!

Here are a few goals I made for myself in 2016:

-I have encountered a lot of people lately who have told me they wish they would have taken better care of their health when they were younger. I never realized how important it is to truly take care of and nourish your body—we only get one. It’s a temporary flesh that we need to keep clean and healthy and if you want to be able to enjoy your later years, sacrifice now and live a better happier you.

  • In the past, I admit I was a bit lazy and hated to wake up early. Now my husband and I wake up at 4:30 am to get our days started, and I have never before felt so accomplished than now. Starting the day off right and early and with exercise will get you energized, focused and ready for whatever comes up in your day. It’s important to not just rise early but also to spend some time exercising– whether your choice is yoga, stretching, running around the block or even personal training. This has already made a huge difference in my life.

My last goal is to make my new store a place of hope and comfort, and to fulfill not just my customers’ apparel needs but most importantly, their confidence. Clothes and accessories are important of course, but my vision is about so much more than that. I know God gave me the opportunity to open this business to serve my clients and community in so many more ways besides just fashion. I resolve to operate the store with integrity, sincerity and passion, and through this, I really hope I can help change lives! These are my 2016 resolutions, and I would love to hear yours! Facebook me your questions and comments at Gesuina A. Legaspy or tweet me at Gesuina _Legaspy

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Looking ahead to the new year, I’m pleased to share my involvement in a longstanding El Paso fundraising event, Power of the Purse. The Power of the Purse is the signature charity event for the Women’s Fund of El Paso and allows women from around El Paso to give back to other community women in a fun and fabulous way. All proceeds from handbag and live and silent auction sales at the event support educational scholarships for El Paso women.

As a result of the Power of the Purse events, the Women’s Fund has awarded 145 scholarships for over $200,000; 30 scholarships for our terrific teens for $15,000 for leadership development; and $10,000 in giving circles for education and leadership development. The event and fundraising activities are truly changing lives.

This upcoming Spring is the best time to purge and clean and dontate for a good cause. Like most of you, I have handbags lying around from years ago that I thought were amazing, and now they sit collecting dust in my closet.

I know it can be hard to let go of these, especially thinking of what splurges these were once upon a time. But, in the tradition of the new year, out with old and in with the new! Make 2016 your year to make a difference and give it up for a good cause. Give it up because old bags are not doing you any good in your closet taking up space, and be comforted to know that your sacrifice is going to a great cause to help women in our community. I have been fortunate enough to be Purse Diva Co-Chairs with my best friend, Lizzie Martinez. We are so honored and blessed to be a part of this thanks to this year’s head chair, Tracey Yellen.

Tracey who is one of the original founders of Power of the Purse in El Paso, and thankfully decided to bring back the tradition in 2016. We are proud to share that New You Gym and both Dry A – Blow Dry Bar locations will be a designated drop off for the handbags you want to donate. Please do not miss this opportunity to start the year right by giving to women in need and to join the fun event we will all be waiting for in May 2016.

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In this month’s issue of City Magazine, I offer holiday style tips to ensure you leave the best kind of impression however you celebrate.

Wishing you warmth, joy and style this Christmas.

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The time has finally come for me to accept applicants for the grand opening of my store. Things are moving smoothly and a lot quicker than expected and I’m excited to move to the next stage: creating a team!

I had the honor of being interviewed recently by News Channel 9. The reporter asked me what will set my boutique apart from the rest. The answer? I will not have traditional “salespeople.”

Let me explain. I have always considered myself an expert in fulfilling my clients’ needs based on their tastes, existing wardrobe, events, and special occasions. My opinion, the best part about retail is being a stylist, and the interaction that happens between myself and the customer. There is so much potential to truly get to know someone’s preferences and what clothing makes them look and feel their very best. Knowledge is power and when you know how to put things together, and how to dress people according to their likes, dislikes, body and style, that’s when you know you are a stylist. Sales people are trained to almost lure the client into buying something, regardless of what’s best for her. Not at my store. Our goal is to assist the client and fulfill their needs, to offer a therapeutic and all-around positive experience with talented people who are passionate about fashion!

When I was creating my stylist manual, I came up with a mission statement that best suited my vision:

Faith- Complete trust or confidence in something or someone. Believing and having confidence, in the company and in yourself. Knowing what you can and will accomplish and having true faith in your capability.

Accountability- the fact or condition of being accountable. Taking responsibility, being respectful of the company’s values, the clients and yourself. Always respecting your clients and your peers.

Style- a distinctive appearance. Dressing in a fashionable manner and developing your own distinctive look that expresses yourself.

Humble- having or showing modesty and humility. Always putting others ahead of one’s own self.

Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral upright. Always striving to be better, and to be the best you can.

Obedience- compliance with order, doing things in an orderly fashion, following and respecting the rules.

Nurture- caring for and encouraging the growth or development of the company, growing yourself and nurturing your craft for a better development.

Fashion is my passion, I love what I do more than anything in the world. I love and enjoy my work so much I feel like I’m not even working while I am meeting new friends, attending markets, learning new things, and of course blogging and sharing my experiences.

I am calling out all fashionistas who share the same desire I have, to join me on this amazing experience for fashion training. I promise you it will be a hands on amazing journey. I have a dream and I want to share it with the future stylists of my store. Send all resumes to I look forward to reading your emails.

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. In the spirit of gift giving, I’m sharing my favorite beauty products to encourage you to treat yourself (or the best girls in your life!)

1 . Fresh Lip Exfoliator- Since the cold weather hit, the air has been drier and my lips have been so chapped. I searched online and found this lip exfoliator by Fresh, available at Sephora for $22.50. It buffs away dry skin and smells like brown sugar.

2 . Make-Up Eraser- I actually bought this at the Junior League Christmas Fair and to my surprise, with just a splash of warm water, it cleans your face completely.

3 . The Lancer Face Kit- This is my favorite regimen. It is used by Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and many more celebrities. Created by Dr. Lancer, touted as the best dermatologist in Beverly Hills, this product is now available to the public at most high-end department stores. When I learned of the face kit, I wanted to invest, but I was skeptical because of the high price point. Instead, I bought the traveling kit that retails $125 and use it daily. I saw immediate results but I recommend buying the traveling kit as a beginner to see which products work best for you.

4 . Medicated Burts Bees Wax- I can’t live without chapstick and the medicated version of Burt’s Bees relieves chapped lips, leaves a minty fresh taste, and actually heals dry skin rather than just a short term cover up. I always carry this with me and it’s available at your nearest Walgreen’s.

5 . Kevyn Aucoin Concealer- My favorite make-up is the Kevyn Aucoin Concealor. I have had the same compact since last November and it’s still half full, it’s so potent and full of pigment that you only need to blend out a tiny dot for under eye cover up. It lasts long but it’s an investment piece, and can be purchased at Dry A Blow-Dry Bar.

6 . Davines Melu Conditioner- I have extremely dry hair and now that I dyed it, I need color-treated moisture for my hair so once a week. I use my handy dandy Melu from Davines that is also carried at Dry, and smells, well, divine. It’s for dry, damaged and color-treated hair and I apply it to the ends to give it moisture.

7 . Bobbie Brown Hydrating Eye Cream- In the morning when my eyes are puffy, I always dab a bit of this hydrating cream to give my under eyes life. I also use it when I wash my face and am ready to put make up on so it hydrates my eyes. I then apply the concealer.

8 . Latisse- I’ve been using this for years. It’s a little pricey, but when you use it, your real lashes grow so long and so fast that I can’t live without it anymore. The best part is that you’re lengthening and strengthening your REAL lashes. I have had extensions before and you can’t wear mascara, or wet your eyes, plus they cost three times more than you would pay for Latisse.

9 . Skin Medica Brightening Complex- During summer in the past, my skin would develop little splotches since I wasn’t consistently wearing sunscreen— a huge no-no. To correct the spots and even out my skin tone, I bought this product at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso at Dr. Jabor’s office. It has lasted me a whole year since you don’t need much, and it really brightens your skin complex.

10 . Tom Ford Bronzer - Lastly, I bought this last November and it has also lasted me a whole year. This bronzer is my favorite, and every time I use this product, people ask what kind of bronzer I use. It has a subtle shimmer and blends out nicely, giving me a sun kissed feel, and is especially good for conturing.

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