Gesuina Legaspy

Gesuina Legaspy

Gesuina Arianna Legaspy founded her eponymous luxury women’s boutique, GAL Fashion, in her hometown of El Paso in 2016.

A lifelong fashion fanatic, a fresh-faced Gesuina interned with an El Paso-based contemporary store at the beginning of her career, quickly learning the business of fashion buying and gleaning behind-the-scenes retail experience before opening GAL.

Now 31, Gesuina, whose personal style is self-described as “extra and over the top,” enjoys the honor of dressing “all the powerful women of El Paso.” The GAL family is known for delivering exceptional customer service, a point of great pleasure for Gesuina. Throughout her years as a business owner, Gesuina has grown a team which now operates as a family. But perhaps her most meaningful accomplishment is her sobriety, which she achieved in October 2020.

Gesuina serves on the board of the Women’s Recovery Alliance of El Paso, and is passionate about charitable work and organizing events for a good cause. She has been featured in multiple publications and has served as a contributor to The City Magazine.

Ever the fashion plate, she cherishes a recently purchased baby Valentino bag and considers her personal capsule collection to include a Balmain blazer, a tennis necklace, and torn boyfriend jeans.

When Gesuina isn’t at GAL, she loves to travel and enjoys reading. She invites you to make an appointment to enjoy a fashion and styling experience that you may not have even known existed in El Paso!